Baby Shower Idea

Helpful Hints for the New Mother

This is a great baby shower idea.

Get every guest to the Baby Shower (and those who couldn’t attend) to write out those things which they found out as they went along.

The kind of thing that makes looking after baby so much easier and less stressful.

Also they could provide simple recipes for baby when he is weaned. Also useful here would be how to store baby’s food.  Things like portion sizes and freezing.

Patterns for clothing and other items could also be included.

Collect all these before the Baby Shower.  Tell each contributor to produce their items on one side of the page only.  You then gather them all and assemble them in a scrapbook which is suitably decorated.

You will find that each piece is produced by print from the computer or handwritten.  However, they are presented they will be individual.  Each contributor should append his or her name because this is a book of memories.  Take it one step further and get each to attach their photograph.

This makes a wonderful memory of the guests and a helpful collection to refer to.  Make sure that you keep it positive in outlook.

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