Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

These days it is so easy to produce your own unique announcements and invitations.

Buy some lightweight card which your printer will accept.  Choose the colour pink or blue if you know the sex of the ‘bump’ and if you want others to know.

If the shower is being arranged after the birth then, of course, this will be public knowledge anyway.

Here is a list of the important points to be included on the invitation:

  • Name of the person in whose honour the shower is being held.
  • Date and time of Baby Shower.  It’s a good idea to give an end time too.
  • Venue of Baby Shower.  Make sure that there are enough details of the address for those who do not know the locality.
  • RSVP details – name and phone number of the organising hostess.

Of course, everyone is different and you will want to make sure that the shower you are organising is individual for the person who is to be guest of honour, whether that is the mother-to-be, both of the future parents, or the baby if you are arranging your event after the birth.

OK that’s straightforward – but dull.  Search around for some clip art which is suitable to decorate the front of the card.

Likewise, look for a font which is a bit more fancy than the normal Times New Roman or Arial that is the norm.  Take care though that it is not too fancy to read.

You might like to include a note which details items that the mother-to-be would be happy to receive.

  • Does she have a list?
  • Do you know if the parents have been decorating and collecting nursery furniture and fittings which follow a theme?

It’s lovely to be able to give presents that you know for sure are just what’s wanted

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