Baby Shower Planning

Having a Baby Shower? It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Get everything you need to help you plan the baby shower that you are going to have for Mommy-to-Be and get everything for free!

This Baby Shower Party Planning Package includes:

  • Pre-printed baby shower invitations that you can personalize, or the instructions and templates you can use for making your own, including matching mailing and return address labels
  • Pre-printed baby shower guest book pages, and options for putting together a baby shower guest book that can also be used by Mommy-to-Be for doing her thank-you cards
  • A baby shower table decoration idea that is easy to make following the illustrated instructions provided and matches the motif of the invitations and guest book
  • Pre-printed thank-you cards that Mommy-to-Be can use that also match the baby shower invitations and guest book
  • Baby shower games
  • More free printable baby shower clipart that you can use to make your own invitations, guest book pages, table decoration, banners, and thank you cards following the instructions that accompany the pre-printed versions!
  • Baby shower cupcake treats that you can decorate with the same motif as the entire package.

You don’t need anything special, and everything can be made using plain computer paper (although there are options for using card stock or postcard stock).

Each individual piece of the Baby Shower Party Planning Package comes with the links you need to download either the pre-printed items or the templates you can use to make your own. Each includes links to the other pieces of the package.
However, all the links you will need for everything in the package are provided in the accompanying illustrated examples page, so you can simply bookmark that page and use it to guide you to everything you’ll need.

The illustrated examples of the entire Baby Shower Party Planning Package can be found at:

Each article provides easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions for personalizing the pre-printed invitations and cards, how to complete the mailing labels, and how to make the table decoration. You can easily use these instructions to make your own, using the other clipart that is available at Mom’s Break Baby Shower. You can also use the provided templates as guides to help you design your own cards and labels—even if you don’t have card-making software!

The motif used for the Baby Shower Party Planning Package uses free downloadable clipart, available exclusively on the Mom’s Break Baby Shower ( The colorful baby rattle clipart comes in either numbers or letters (0-9 or A-Z). The Baby Shower Party Planning Package uses the 1, 2, and 3 number baby rattles. An example of how to make your own invitations, etc., are shown using the A-B-C motif.

Whether you use the package as is, or modify the pieces to suit your own tastes, planning a baby shower can be as easy as 1-2-3!

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