First Birthday Party Ideas

If you need first birthday party ideas because your tiny tot has a birthday coming up soon then read this article.  Such simple ideas are the best for little ones. Don’t try to be too clever with your ideas. This is for the tiny tots – not for their parents.  Just keep it short and allow the guests to decide whether they want to join in or not.  If this attendance is their first birthday party, ideas will be carried over.

Creating An Active Birthday For Tiny Tots

If your tiny-tot has a birthday soon, celebrate the event with a party. The little people at this starry-eyed age are easy to please with a variety of activities.

One of the most attractive birthday parties our small one ever attended was held from three to five p.m. This gave Tad plenty of time to have his nap so he went to the party well refreshed. Because of the youth of the guests we parents were invited too. However, when we arrived our individual responsibility ceased for the afternoon.

The dining room which joined the living room had been cleared of as much furniture as possible. Small tables and chairs borrowed from a nearby church nursery were scattered about. Large sheets of brown wrapping paper for would-be artists were piled on the end of one table. Nearby were plenty of crayons. Bright-colored magazines (old ones) and plenty of round-pointed shears – also borrowed from nursery school – were handy.

A big box of nursery blocks and all available toys owned by the small host were in this same room. Everything was ready when the small guests arrived. This was the children’s room – the parents stayed in the adjoining living room, close enough to oversee the youngsters yet far enough away so the youngsters felt free.

It was fun to watch the small fry. The little chairs were inspected first. One or two such chairs at home were no novelty but here was a whole roomful. They needed to be looked over, sat in and moved about. Soon even the shyest child was busy playing. The older tykes began drawing or cutting and soon the younger ones were following suit.

After a period of free play the young host’s mother produced a tiny bell and asked the children if they wouldn’t like to play “Ring Bell Ring.” All the children bowed their heads in their laps while Johnny, holding on to the bell clapper, ran and hid in the next room. When he was safely hidden the hostess called out, “Ring Bell Ring.” The children then pointed in the direction of the bell ringer. This simple game delighted the children and had to be repeated again and again with a different bell ringer each time.

Then the hostess told a story about Mother Kitty and Baby Kitty. She chose a little lass to be Mother Kitty. Then Mother Kitty and all the baby kitties went fast asleep. While Mother Kitty slept four of the babies awakened and tiptoed away to hide. When Mother Kitty awakened and found her babies gone she cried, “Meow.” The little lost kittens cried, “Mew.” Mother Kitty had to locate her babies by sound. After her every “Meow,” the babies answered, “Mew.”

“Policeman and Lost Child” next delighted the youngsters. One child was Policeman, and Mother worriedly asked his help in searching for her lost child. The Policeman asked Mother to tell him what her lost child was wearing. Mother then described in detail the clothes of her lost child. The Policeman looked about at the children and brought to Mother the child answering the description.

Keeping kids active during a birthday party is a key to having a successful party. As you know, young have boundless amounts of energy and will not be satisfied sitting still. They’d much rather play these fun party games.

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