I have listed forfeits as I have collected or thought of them so they are in no particular order.

Not all are suitable for any given age group so choose carefully.

If you plan to use them throughout a party it is good to prepare them.

I find that a fair way to proceed is to have each written on slips of paper which are then folded and placed in a jar or box.

The person due to perform the forfeit then picks one out.

    1. Say five/ten times rapidly: “Red lorry, yellow lorry”
    2. Say five/ten times rapidly: “Three big blobs of a black bug’s blood”
    3. Yawn until you make someone else yawn
    4. For two people to pay their forfeit at the same time: Both seated on floor, facing each other, blindfolded. Give each a bowl of rice pudding. Each attempts to feed the other until bowls are empty. Do provide ‘bibs’ and other covering between.
    5. Make at least three people laugh
    6. Walk across the room on your knees
    7. Line three upright chairs side by side. Lie on them with arms folded. Someone removes the middle chair and you must hold yourself stiff in position while everyone counts to ten
    8. Tell a ghost story

    1. Say five/ten times rapidly: “Truly rural”
    2. Sing a song
    3. Dance a jig
    4. Give a one minute talk about pigs
    5. Give a one minute talk about cows
    6. Give a one minute talk about sheep
    7. Give a one minute talk about elephants
    8. Give a one minute talk about giraffes
    9. Try to stand on your head
    10. Explain how to make cookies without speaking.
    11. Hold one foot with your hand while hopping around the room.
    12. Place a basketball/soccer ball on floor. The person doing the forfeit must write his or her name legibly on a card whilst sitting on the ball.
    13. Crawl on all fours and bark like a dog.
    14. Hop across the room on your right leg and return on left leg.
    15. Explain gravity whilst standing on your head
    16. A piece of chocolate is hidden in some flour. The forfeit is to look for it using your face only and then eat it.
    17. Tell someone in the room how much you love them for one minute.
    18. Have someone of the opposite sex apply makeup on your face.
    19. Kiss your shadow – Most will move directly to a wall to find their shadow. The smart answer is to have the shadow fall on someone of the opposite sex.
    20. Ask a question which cannot be answered in the negative. (answer: What do the letters y-e-s spell?
    21. Kiss a book inside and outside without opening the book. (solution: Kiss the book inside the room and then go outside the room and kiss it again.
    22. Become a Grecian statue. This forfeit entails standing on a chair and allowing others in the room to arrange your pose which you must then hold for a count of ten while being admired.
    23. Place three chairs in a row, take off your shoes and jump over them. (solution: jump over the shoes)
    24. For this forfeit imitate a donkey
    25. Leave the room with two legs and come back with six. (solution: go out of the room and come back carrying a chair)
    26. Be the egotist. Drink your own health and proclaim how fantastic you are in very flattering language until everyone in the room is satisfied with your performance.
    27. Kiss the one you love the best without letting anyone know. (solution: Kiss everyone in the room)
    28. Say five/ten flattering things to someone of the opposite sex without using the letter l
    29. Take your medicine. The person paying the forfeit is blindfolded and sits in the centre of the room. A glass of water and a teaspoon are produced. Everyone takes a turn at administering a spoonful of ‘medicine’ to the victim who tries to guess who it is. S/he is then ‘cured’.
    30. Repeat a proverb backwards.

  1. Dislodge the coin. The victim has a wetted coin pressed rather firmly to his/her forehead for several seconds to make sure it ‘sticks’. The coin in fact is removed but the victim believes it is still there. S/he then tries to shake it off without using hands.
  2. Go to town. This is performed by two people – one male, one female who stand about eight steps apart. They take turns to ask of the other about their likes and dislikes, for example: do you like flowers? If the answer is yes a step forward shows this, if no then a step back. The aim is to reach each other for a hug and kiss.
  3. Place a small article on the floor in such a way that no one in the room can jump over it. (solution: place the item against the wall)
  4. Kiss the ladies/men. Everyone is seated all around the room. The victim is in the middle and blindfolded. It is his or her task to kiss all those of the opposite sex. While the blindfolding has been taking place people have been changing their positions in the room or turning to face the wall making no noise. Off goes the victim to where s/he remembers people were sitting.
  5. Imitate a sheep
  6. Imitate a pig
  7. Imitate a horse
  8. Blow out the candle. The person doing the forfeit is shown the position of the candle before being blindfolded and turned around three times. S/he then has to blow out the candle which of course will not be where it is believed to be.
  9. Bark like a dog.
  10. Get yourself through the entrance with the door closed. (solution: write “yourself” on a piece of paper and push it underneath the door)
  11. Talk about your least favourite food and why
  12. Say what you would do if you had a million dollars
  13. Kiss the hand of anyone in the room
  14. For this forfeit ask three people in turn “If I was a parrot, what would you like me to say?” Whatever they say you must say in your best parrot style voice.
  15. Ear, Ear. Hold your right ear with your left hand, then change to hold your left ear with you right hand. Now go faster and faster.
  16. Rub your tummy with your right hand at the same time as patting the top of your head with your left hand. Change to left hand for tummy rubbing and right hand for head patting. Keep changing.
  17. Walk around everyone and give each a friendly smile.
  18. Hop around the edge of the room on one foot while holding your nose.
  19. Hop around the edge of the room while making the noise of an animal
  20. Stand on one leg while everyone counts to ten
  21. Stand on one leg with eyes closed while everyone counts to ten.

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