Forfeits for Parties

I’ve managed to gather yet more forfeits for parties.

I hope you have much fun using them.

If you have any ideas for more forfeits for parties I’d love to receive them from you.

Contact me direct

1. Skip 10 times with a skipping rope

2. Use a toilet roll to bandage one of your arms

3. Play the Spoons

4. Wearing a blindfold, identify two people by just touching their faces

5. Stand on one leg for a minute

6. Mime changing a baby’s nappy for others to guess what you are doing

7. Mime washing an elephant for others to guess what you are doing

8. Lay an egg

9. Hug a bald man

10. Hug a person wearing glasses

11. Make the sound of 5 farmyard animals

12. Push a glass through a key ring

13. Name ten parts of the human body with only four letters

14. Do an impression of a sumo wrestler

15. Pat your head with one hand, while you rub your tummy with the other for 30 seconds

16. Tell a joke

17. You are shipwrecked on an island inhabited by cannibals – explain to the chief why you shouldn’t be eaten

18. Pretend to be a motorcyclist in the TT using a dining chair as your machine – make all the right noises and moves!

19. Give everyone in the room who has brown eyes – a kiss!

20. Give everyone in the room who has blue eyes a hug

21. Sing/dance like (someone famous) – choose from Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, Madonna, Tom Jones, Mick Jagger…

22. Pretend the person on your left is a police officer – now explain why you are wandering along the high street at 3pm in your pyjamas

23. Pretend you are an Italian waiter – run through all the varieties of pizza available on your menu – there has to be an accent

24. Get a match box and push it along the floor at least three feet, using only your nose

25. You are playing the part of a fairy in a ballet – let’s see you move for at least 20 seconds

26. Pretend you’ve just been to the chippie – it’s mime time – put on the salt, the vinegar and demonstrate the pure enjoyment of eating with your fingers – watch out the chips are hot!

27. You are truly, madly, passionately in love with the person on your right – go down on one knee and propose – and tell them why they should accept your proposal

28. You’ve just seen someone scratch your car with their supermarket trolley – tackle them, tell them what you think – it’s their fault…

29. Try to stand on your head.

30. Answer yes to every question asked by every player in the group.

31. Tell a ghost story.

32. Make at least 3 people laugh.

33. Dance a jig.

34. Walk across the room on your knees.

35. Tell a joke no one in the room has heard.

36. Give a 1-minute talk about elephants.

37. Say five times rapidly: “Three big blobs of a black bug’s blood.”

38. Say five times rapidly: “Truly rural.”

39. Holding one foot with your hand, hop around the room.

40. Crawl under the table on all fours and bark like a dog.

41. Tell how to make a pie without talking.

42. Kiss the wall backwards: standing about 20 Inches from the wall, lean backwards until your lips touch the wall. Then straighten up without losing your balance. (Take off lipstick first.)

43. Place a basketball in the middle of the floor. Try to sit on it, while writing your name legibly on a card with a pencil.

44. Place 3 strong straight backed chairs side by side. Lie with your head on the first chair and your feet on the third, with folded arms and stiff body. Have someone remove the middle chair. Hold your position for 10 seconds.

45. For 2 players at a time: Both are blindfolded and seated on the floor with a large towel or napkin pinned around the neck like a bib. Each is then given a bowl of popcorn and a spoon and told the feed the other player the entire contents of the bowl. For a messier (and funnier) game, use porridge

46. Same setup, but feed each other bananas.

47. Pretend to be a firework/space rocket

48. Pretend to be a dalek/robot

49. Pretend to play the trumpet, piano, guitar

50. Try to touch your nose with your tongue

51. Walk round circle backwards like a monster

52. Walk round the circle on tip toes like a fairy

53. Pick a friend to do a dance with

54. Bounce a ball 5/10 times

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