Party Forfeits

Here are some more party forfeits that you may like to use. I always like to try to make the various penalties topical – either by the season or theme of the party. Also, of course, you will need to suit the party forfeits to age group.

1. Sing or whistle

2. Sing or whistle The National Anthem

3. Sing or whistle Happy Birthday

4. Sing Humpty Dumpty

5. Sing Baa-baa Black Sheep

6. Sing Mary had a Little Lamb

7. Whistle a song, which others have to recognise

8. Eat some dry crackers (without having a drink) then whistle a song, which others have to recognise

9. Do the Twist

10. Belly Dance

11. Limbo under a bar

12. Swing a hula hoop around your waist

13. Recite a poem of your choice

14. Recite a Limerick

15. Recite the days of the week backwards

16. Recite the months of the year backwards

17. Behave like a chimpanzee

18. Behave like a chicken – action and sounds

19. Writhe like a snake and hiss

20. Act like a cockerel

21. Name the seven dwarfs from Snow White

22. Name the planets of the Solar System

23. Name ten things you would find in the kitchen

24. Name ten things you would find in the bathroom

25. Name ten parts of the human body with only 3 letters

26. Name ten things you can stroke in public

27. Shake hands with everyone

28. Kiss a bald man on the head

29. Kiss someone wearing glasses

30. Wear a false moustache and wig for the rest of the game

31. Wear a silly hat for the rest of the game

32. Remove an item of red clothing

33. Swap socks with the person on your left

34. Describe a spiral staircase without using your hands

35. Recite the alphabet backwards

36. Give a speech about Christmas trees for 45 seconds

37. Sing a Christmas song

38. Name Santa’s eight reindeer

39. Hop around the circle of partygoers

40. Name everyone in the room

41. Give the girl on your right a donkey ride around the circle

42. Stand on one leg until it’s your go again

43. Name 5 of the 12 days of Christmas and say what my true love gave to me on those 5 days

44. Name 5 things you can hang on a Christmas tree

45. Beg like a puppy whilst ‘barking’ the tune of Jingle Bells

46. Make a hat out of a single sheet of paper/ (or the wrapping paper you’ve just taken off the parcel in “Pass the Parcel”) and wear it for the rest of the game

47. Count the number of fingers and toes in the room (or hands and feet, if you want to be nice)

48. Hum or sing ‘Ding dong merrily on high’ as fast as you can

49. Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star whilst doing 10 press ups.

50. Do an impression of Elvis Presley

51. Dance a few ballet steps

52. Do the Sand Dance

53. Dance the Can Can

54. Sing Supercalifragilistic


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