Kids’ Party Food

Planning Party Food for Children

Small is beautiful – keep portions child size

Party Food for children needs to be inviting but not terribly sophisticated. Children like to be able to see what it is they are eating. They also like the familiar.

Small is beautiful. If the portions you offer are large then you are asking for a lot of items with one or two bites being taken and then left. So produce small, individual pieces of pizza, dainty sausage rolls, tiny sandwiches and dinky cup cakes.

Make it easy for a child to choose and then eat a variety of items.

Do not get stressed out over the party food you prepare for children. There is no need to produce a great deal. For children the food is not the most important item in the party. Although it is a good feeling to have a little surplus to show you that there was enough, you do not want to be eating the leftovers for the next week!

Note that too much sugary food and drink may mean that you end up with very hyperactive children at your party. So how do you decide what kinds of food and drink and how much? Think about the following:

• Number of children who will be present

• 3 – 5 portions of savoury items per child

• 2 – 3 portions of sweet items per child

• 2 – 3 drinks per child – more during hot weather and at boisterous parties

• Ask the host child what kinds of food s/he would like

• Are you baking or buying?

Finding your answers to these points will at least give you a good basis on which to build.

Now take a step back and decide how you are going to serve the food

Option One

Sit all children at a table with food set along the centre. The children then choose food which they place on their plates. You will find here that the shy, slow eater will take just one item. Meanwhile, others will grab everything in sight whether or not they will actually eat it.

Option Two

Sit the children at the table, or around the room, or on large rugs if in the garden. Give each child a plate and serve food to each in turn. This will give each child the same chance to try all the food. It will also mean that the ‘grabbers’ will slow down and eat.

Children cannot be expected to balance too much food on their plates in these circumstances. They are also not too good at waiting. So you have to strike a happy balance when offering food.

Drink will have to be kept separate because the children cannot be expected to manage both food and drink simultaneously.

Option Three

However you arrange the seating – at table or around the whole party area – you can use food boxes. This method means that you place a full selection of food in a party box.

Each child is given a box when the time comes to eat. This does away with the scramble to grab the food. It is fair for each child.

It also means that the time for eating does not need to be brought to an end. The children can eat when they want and even take the remainder home with them. Make sure that you have each box labelled clearly with the child’s name.

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