Children’s Party Food

There are many different types of Children’s Party Food.

However, you will only need a few.

Your task is to choose a variety which will be suitable for your kind of party.

Some items you will be able to buy ready for serving.

Some you will prepare and/or bake.

Some you will be able to obtain ready cooked.


Various Foods

Mini rolls, sandwiches


Cheese straws, mini cheese scones

Sausages, sausage rolls

Raw carrot, cucumber fingers and mayonnaise



Pizza – cut it into small pieces, keep to plain tomato (paste not pieces) and cheese.

Chicken wings, mini chicken dippers

Popcorn – sweet and/or savoury

Potatoes – baked, new boiled, roasted, wedges

Mini hot dogs or burgers


Crackers, crisps

Gingerbread men



Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes


Meringues – use food colouring to produce varied colours or maybe to match your chosen theme

Mini cup cakes

Fruit – grapes, strawberries, raisings, banana, apple

Ice creams – with cones, syrups, sprinkles – maybe individual prepacked or lollies, popsicles.

Mini fromage frais/yoghurt

Juice – choose light coloured (blackcurrant is a no-no) because it will be spilt by someone and you want drinks which won’t stain. Only half fill cups for the same reason.

Take care to have a variety of food but don’t go over the top. The children will be more interested in fun than the food.

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