Kids’ Party Games

Organised party games will help you to run a perfect party. Children love to have specific things to do. Even teenagers and adults often like the occasional game in their parties.

Under 4’s tend to love musical games. Don’t keep going with any particular game for too long because these little ones lack concentration. Don’t have games that need a blindfold because this is frightening to many tinies.

Older boys delight in a bit of rough and tumble and can be very boisterous. Give them a few games where they can be very noisy and active but contrast with something which will calm them down again otherwise you may find yourself in the middle of a riot!

Try to share the prizes in such a way that no-one goes home disappointed.

Prepare more games than you think you will need. It is not necessary to use them all. If you don’t have enough activity the guests will become bored or turn the event into chaos (in the case of children) and you won’t want either outcome. Be ready to play any game for a longer period than planned if it is being enjoyed.

Have a good mix of games. Contrast the quiet with the boisterous. If you have outdoor and indoor areas then alternate. Don’t put all the musical activities together.

Short times where people can socialise should be built in. However, keep a close eye on this so that you know when to move in with a planned activity. For teenagers and adults don’t feel that you need to keep going with one activity after another.

Activity does not need to be difficult or very involved. People often tend to enjoy the simplest of party games.

Each party game should be prepared well in advance to give you time to gather and/or make the equipment required. Put everything needed for a particular game into one labelled box or bag. You will then know that you only need to get this and you have everything you want.

Have a separate list showing what you need for the party overall. This will include such things as some sort of audio for musical games, chairs, cushions and so on which either cannot be collected into the activity boxes or are need for more than one game.

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