Games for 5 – 7s

Catch the Balloon

Equipment needed: several balloons

The children form a circle facing inwards. Number each child. Choose one child to be in the middle holding a balloon. S/he drops the balloon whilst calling a number. The child who has the number attempts to catch the balloon before it touches the floor. If successful he takes a turn at dropping the balloon.

Pop the Balloon

Equipment needed: a good supply of balloons

Children choose partners. Each pair is given a balloon. The balloon is placed between the pair who are back to back. At a signal they press together to pop the balloon. This can be competitive or just a bit of fun. .

Squeak, Piggy, Squeak

Equipment needed: a blindfold

Children form a circle facing inwards with a blindfolded player in the centre. The circle moves around very, very quietly. The blindfolded player then walks to the circle to capture a victim and say “Squeak, Piggy, Squeak”. In a disguised voice the captured player squeaks like a pig. The blindfolded player tries to identify his prisoner. If s/he fails the prisoner is released and s/he captures another. If s/he succeeds then the two change places and the game begins again. .

Potato and Spoon Race

Equipment needed: spoons, potatoes, markers for start and finish

This needs plenty of room so if your party is in a garden or hall this is a good activity. You will need spoons and potatoes which will fit the bowl of the spoon. Mark a start line and a finish line. The children hold the spoon with a potato resting in it. They run along the course trying to keep the potato balanced (without using the other hand). If the potato drops off they may pick it up and resume the race. Have more than one heat and a final. This will give spectators for each race and lengthen the time for the activity. .


Equipment needed: bags containing about 5 separate items

Collect ordinary every day items – for example: spoons, clothes pegs, combs, coasters, small toys. Be sure that you have two of each. Make up some bags with one of the various items – about 5 for each bag. Give a bag to each child who then has to hunt around the party area to find a match to each item in their particular bag. Many of the items for each child will be the same, some will be different. That is fine. The first child to find a match for all their items is the winner. .


Equipment needed: paper, pencils, dice, pre-drawn beetle

A quiet, indoor game which has been popular for many years. Divide the guests into small groups of 4 or 5. Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. In the centre of the group place a drawing of the beetle and show the number needed for each part. The children take it in turn to roll the dice. Depending on the number thrown they may draw the part of the beetle. To start the player must throw a six to draw the body. The parts/numbers are:

Six – body

Five – Head

Four – for each of the two front legs

Three – for each of four back legs

Two – for each of two eyes

One – for each of two antennae

The first to complete the drawing of a beetle is the winner.

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