Musical Games for 5-7s

Pass the Parcel

This is an old favourite when it comes to musical games for 5-7s

Equipment needed: prepared parcel, music player, Get a small gift. Then wrap it in many layers. Sit the children in a circle.

Let the children pass the parcel one to another around the circle while the music plays. Stop the music suddenly.

The child in possession of the parcel when the music stops has to remover one layer of wrapping. Then the passing resumes as does the music. Continue until someone removes the wrapping to disclose the gift which s/he gets to keep.

Pass the Parcel Activity

Equipment needed: prepared parcel, instructions slips, music player.

This works the same as the traditional Pass the Parcel musical game. The difference is that as a layer of wrapping is removed there is a slip of paper with instructions about an activity or forfeit which have to be obeyed immediately. These activities should match your party theme. For a selection of forfeits click here

Musical Chairs

Another favourite among musical games for 5-7s when there is enough room.

Equipment needed: chairs, music player

Place a row of chairs in a line along the centre of the room. The chairs should face alternate directions. The number of chairs need is one fewer than players. As the music plays the children parade around the line of chairs. The music is stopped suddenly and the children have to sit on a chair. The child left standing is out. As the music begins again remove a chair. Continue in this manner until a winner is found.

To make it more acceptable to be out you can give each child a small gift or sweetie as s/he is eliminated.

Musical Cushions

Equipment needed: cushions, music player

Place cushions at random all over the floor for this musical game. The number of cushions needed is one fewer than players. Have the children walk or dance all around the room while the music plays. When the music suddenly stops the children find a cushion on which to sit. The child left standing is out. Resume the music and dancing. Remove one cushion. Continue until left with a winner. As each child is out you may like to give them a small reward.

Musical Statues

One of the trickier musical games for 5-7s to be certain about choosing who wins and who loses.

Equipment needed: music player

Have all the children dancing whilst music plays. When the music stops the children must stand still in the manner in which they are caught when interrupted. Any child deemed to still be moving when the music stops is out. As each child is out they help spot the movers.

Musical Colours

Equipment needed: music player, colour boards

Place around the area a board with a splash of colour – red, yellow, green, blue. All the children dance around while the music plays. When the music stops, call out a colour. All the children have to run to the board with that colour. The last child is out. Continue until the last remaining person is the winner.

Variations of Musical Colours:

Musical Transport – the boards have pictures of a bus, a plane, a ship, a train.

Musical Shapes – the boards have shapes drawn on them a triangle, a square, a circle, a diamond.

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