Party Themes

Party Themes are a good way to achieve a successful party at which everyone has fun?

You then have a base on which to build every aspect of your party. I am listing here some ideas for themes.

If you have organised a party based on a particular theme, I should love to hear from you about it. Give me all the details and I’ll endeavour to publish it on this site. Contact me here

For many party themes it is possible to purchase invitations, tableware, dressing up items which are in keeping. Or you can design and produce your own.

Halloween Party

Luau Party

Picnic Party

Astronaut, Firefighter, Batman, Army, Cowboy, Football, Pirate, Superman, Star Wars, Wild West, Robin Hood, Aliens

Cinderella, Hawaiian, Ballet, Barbie

Robots, TV, Circus, Clowns

Carnival – this should produce a riot of colour both in the dress of the guests and the decoration of the party area

Olympics – all the favourite sports stars

Rock Stars, Hollywood, Harry Potter

Sports – choose something like football or track and field

Story Book – guests dress as a character from a story book of their choice.

Peter Pan – guests dress as a character from the book ‘Peter Pan’

Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter – just the specific characters at the Mad Hatter’s Tea party – you can have them moving one place around the table for each piece of food offered.

SpongeBob SquarePants, Bob the Builder

Masked ‘Ball’

Colour – choose any colour perhaps blue and then guests dress in blue and much of the food and decorations are blue

You are welcome to write your own tips and advice, or some experience you've had with planning parties, the actual event, making cakes or costumes. In fact anything at all to do with parties that you can share on this website.
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