Picnic Party

Alfresco Birthday Party Ideas? Think Picnic!

Think about this….”…. a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors, ideally, taking place in a beautiful landscape.” (, 2007)

Wouldn’t you like that type of thing for a birthday party? food – friends – pleasure – beautiful landscape. Think Picnic. Think amazing birthday.

What? Too much time to do it? Not sure where to start? Don’t want to make a fuss…

The BEST short term answer to all these dilemmas??Think picnic.Let’s explore 7 refreshingly simple ways to make a Birthday Party sing using Picnics…

Think….With the Crowd OR Completely On Your own (LOCATION)

Think about it… a picnic can be held just about anywhere. Once safety is considered and any permissions from local authorities etc, the world is pretty much your oyster.

Find a green oasis in a smoggy city; visit a favourite beach; discover a spot using your GPS and say: “meet me here”; a lounge room floor by the fire when it’s cold out.

The choice is unlimited but can be guided by the person you are honoring. It might be a reference they made to a location they grew up in or somewhere they’d like to visit. Just have your radar out and think: is it safe?

do I have to ask permission?

will it have impact ?

Think….Plan Plan Plan or Wing it.(PLANNING)

You may be limited to what you can do given time and or resources. That shouldn’t be a problem. Here is where you think about you and what you need to make this happen. If you find the tension building call in some help or let some “planning” go. If you focus on making a BIG statement with a few simple but BOLD actions then it’s more manageable and enjoyable for all. Image your birthday person getting concerned because you are not enjoying their birthday due to worrying “what’s next” and that all is on schedule. Forget it! Go loose and relaxed. Save time by using stuff from home, catered food served up with fancy crockey, have a pizza delivered, get your friends to “appear ” out of the woods…as long as its clear and simple everyone can remeber what’s going on.

Think….To Tell Or Not To Tell (PROMOTION)

How are you with surprises? You can do this for any age group and in many different ways. Choose early and make sure everyone knows to zip it. The surprise can be intensified by sending them on a treasure hunt to pick up pieces of a map to reveal the location, or sending things in the mail to alert them that something is up. Using a picnic opens up a whole bag of ways to build excitement and anticipation. Use your imagination.

Think…What about the public? (PRIVACY)

A private gathering for a romantic couple or a street party for a neighborhood? You must consider the consequences for others. If you have your picnic on a public space and there are other groups around doing the same, great! But if the ground gets used for football at 3pm and you are cutting the cake, world’s may collide.

Think…Weather me timbers! Rain ho!! (CONTINGENCY)

Come prepared but don’t let it dominate your thinking. The preparedness kicks in when there is a change and subtle suggestions turn the focus from say, inclement weather and “no sun, no fun”, to “we’re all in this together” and . The focus of the leader (read organiser, read YOU) is what will see you through. Have a plan B and mobilise people to help carry stuff if you need to make a dash for it. Be considerate of peoples needs and watch for

Think…Food? (FOOD)

Remeber the guest of honor. It’s their birthday and showering them with things they like might be ideal. Of course, you can dress up a big mac with napkins and silver service to make it “special” and you can go completely nuts with a caterer.

Condense everything as much as possible and put it into one bag that is easy to maneuver. The wheelie bags you see at air ports and discount stores are a great choice. You can pick them up for $30 stuff them full and wheel them anywhere. Remember to safe guard against food spoiling and damage en route. Sharing the load is a good way to go, task others up to help and even consider a caterer. The good old picnic hamper is still alive and well these days. Your options are endless. Remember: keep it simple.

Activity? (FUN)

Again…Keep it simple… how about some good old fashion games: Hide and Seek; I Spy; Cloud watching. They can be age appropriate and location appropriate. Have a couple of tried and true things in your kit: a frisbee, a soccer ball, bat and ball maybe. How about a piñata? Or croquet? You could make the location linked to the activity: picnic on the side of the fairway in a public golf course. Hit a short 9 holes and picnic after!

Think Picnic.

Using a picnic for a birthday celebration is AMAZING. The more you look at the idea the more the possibilities. A lot of web info about picnic ideas focuses on the “stuff” you can buy, but a careful look at the thinking around history’s first alfresco dining will lead you to one conclusion: purchasing stuff doesn’t equal a heart-felt or memorable celebration. Loving the idea of a Picnic? Go have a chat to an expert picnic-er. Emily from offers a dedicated picnic resource to “expand your ideas about alfresco eating and let you really enjoy hosting such gatherings, because, whatever the occasion, a picnic makes the event much more memorable.”

Did she say memorable? Isn’t that what we’re after?

Try a picnic for your next birthday event. Think about the value of the gesture, the simplicity of the idea, the freshness of the great outdoors…

It’s a winner.

Oh….and by the way:


What do you think?

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