Party Tips for Children’s Parties

Party Tips 1

Most important is that parties are about FUN. If you are the party organiser then you must have fun and be seen to be having fun.

So plan everything, keep your part simple on the day and in so doing avoid stress. A stressed organiser will put a damper on the event.

Good planning prevents stress.

Party Tips 2

Concentrate on the games and activities at the party. These are the things that children remember about parties – not the food and décor that you may have slaved over.

Party Tips 3

Parties for younger children should be about two hours in length. That’s long enough to have fun but short enough for the children not to become over tired. It also means that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Who to invite

Party Tips 4

A good rule of thumb is to invite the same number of guests as years in the age of the host child. Therefore if the host child is 7 years old then limit the number of guests to 7. Perhaps add one more to cover for the chance that one cannot attend.

Party Tips 5

Once the children are old enough to cope, don’t have parents staying for the party. Make it clear that this is a party for the children not adults.

Party Tips 6

Ask the host child who s/he wishes to invite. Explain that they may choose the number you have decided upon. Don’t push the child to choose according to your likes and dislikes. If you don’t know who the best friends are then have a word with his/her teacher or nursery leader. These people will be able to tell you who your child tends to play with.

Party Tips 7

Don’t try to invite lots of people just because you don’t want to leave anyone out. Inviting a whole class will lead to chaos unless you are used to coping with large numbers of children, have reliable helpers and plenty of space.

Party Tips 8

Siblings do not have to be invited any more than parents or other hangers on.

Winners all

Party Tips 9

During planning arrange events that will reward everyone at some point during the party. You need to keep all the guests happy and feeling good about themselves, you, the host child, the party and the world in general. Most of all you do not want tears.

Party Tips 10

If you spot a child who appears to be unable to win at anything then choose him/her to do something with or for you for which you can give a reward (prize).

Party Tips 11

Another way that all children can win is by dividing into teams and then the winning team members all receive prizes.

Ready, Steady

Party Tips 12

Prepare all games and activities well before the event. Bag or box up everything needed for each separate activity. You will then know that getting a box labelled for a particular game will give you absolutely everything you need at that point. It will contain all the equipment needed plus the prizes for that game.

Party Tips 13

Prepare and gather all your decorations, tableware, dressing up clothes and makeup well before the party. Pick up plenty of small gifts and sweets for prizes. Make check lists that you refer to as you collect the items. By getting this aspect underway well before the event will mean that you are attuned to what you need and you will spot items during everyday life.

Party Tips 14

Similarly with the preparation of party bags/favours. It is amazing how creative you can be when you give your brain time to mull over the task in hand. It can also work out a lot less expensive when you don’t have to buy whatever is on offer at the last minute.

Party Tips 15

Make sure that you have your cameras to hand and that the batteries are fully charged.

Party Tips 16

Have rudimentary First Aid supplies handy. Be ready for cuts and grazes but do not attempt to treat anything more serious. Ask for contact numbers for each child. Obviously it is highly unlikely that anything major will happen but better to be prepared.

Party Tips 17

If you are going to have professional entertainers be sure to book them early. The same applies if you are wanting a bouncy castle.

Like some more tips? Then let’s have a look at ten more.

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