Perfect Party Organisation

Forward planning always produces better results

4 – 6 weeks before the date of the party

The first step is to set the framework for your Perfect Party organisation.

Here you decide what it is you are going to organise.

Once you have worked out these five essentials you will be able to slot everything else into place.

Fix the date

If possible ensure that it doesn’t coincide with public holidays or major sporting events. See that it doesn’t fall at a time when you are particularly busy. Having a date two months in the future is ideal for most parties. The shortest time span is about two weeks. This time is necessary for your invitations to be received and responded to.

Calculate a budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend on this perfect party and stick to it. Everything that you look at should be costed out. Keep a record so that you do not overspend. A perfect party relies on organisation and fun not expensive trappings.

Choose a theme

A well integrated series of activities, decorations and food will make your party memorable. This also needs to be chosen early on so that your invitations can introduce the theme. It could also cause anticipation in your guests if they decide to dress to suit.

Decide on a venue

If you are not having the party at home you will need to find the best place for it. Presumably you will be looking at the village hall, church hall, community hall and anywhere else that you have in your area. When you are satisfied reserve it to prevent it being booked by someone else.

List your guests

Who do you want to invite to your perfect party? How many can you afford to invite? How many will fit comfortably into the party venue? You will have to strike a balance.

Interim period leading up to two weeks before the date of the party

Order or design and produce decorations, prizes, tableware and invitations.

Gather suitable items and wash or clean ready for use. Store these so that they are readily available.Address the invitations ready for posting or hand delivering.

Decide on the games or activities and collect all the items necessary for the smooth running of these. Choose more than you think will be necessary. You never know how long each activity will last. You don’t want to drag a game on and on just because it has to fill the time.

Plan the menu. Are you buying ready made foods? Are you cooking? Do you need to order a special occasion cake? Do you need to place any orders? If so, when?

Think about continuing your main party theme in the food and drink you offer. Seek out recipes.

If you would like someone to help you before or on the day ask them in plenty of time. Buy a small gift during your preparations to give your helper at the end of your perfect party.

The last week before the date of your party

Order or bake the cake

Produce food and freeze where possible.

Check that all orders for party supplies have arrive. Chase up missing items.

Are the batteries in your cameras charged?

Do you have candles and matches for the cake?

The day before the date of your party

Decorate the cake – or pick up if ordered

If the party is at home decorate the rooms being used

Prepare any food which can be kept overnight

On the day

Prepare last minute food

Take food from freezer in time to defrost

Decorate hall and/or outside areas

Blow up balloons or collect helium filled balloons

On the day of your PERFECT PARTY don’t forget to have FUN

You are welcome to write your own tips and advice, or some experience you've had with planning parties, the actual event, making cakes or costumes. In fact anything at all to do with parties that you can share on this website.
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